Court Marriage Lawyer

Court Marriage Lawyer

Delhi Law Firm is entirely involved in the deliverance of Court Marriage Services where our comprised team of the Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi serve the couple with excellent suggestions especially when it comes to the marriage. Our qualified advocates or say a team of the Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi arrange the complete marriage process and procedures along with the legal documents and assist accordingly. We also manage the process with a proof of the registration certificate at the earliest.

Our comprised team of the Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi guide the people on how to register their marriage? Especially a marriage that has already been mutually solemnized and can also easily be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. Hence, we the Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi strive our best to provide all forms of the below-listed services in compliance with the laid industrial norms. However, a person needs to carry few documents such as:

• Application form
• Notice duly filled and signed by both the bride and the groom.
• Documentary evidence including date of birth of both parties
• Identity Proofs including (Matriculation Certificate/ Passport/ Birth Certificate).
• Separate affidavits from bride and groom giving
• Date of birth.
• The present marital status that shows that a person is unmarried/widower/ divorcee.
• Affirmation
• Citizenship
• Parties intend to marry each other
• Passport size photographs duly attested by a Gusted Officer
• Copy of divorce (in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower)

Apart from all such above mentioned legal formalities, there are also a plenty of other documents and formalities required for the process for which we the Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi are right here to assist you while guiding you at the right path resulting in the best future endeavours.


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